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Case Win: Graduate Teacher Pay Dispute

Advocating for Fair Wages in Education

Navigating the ins and outs of a job contract can feel like wading through murky waters, especially when you’re still getting adjusted to a new career. Lena's teaching journey began with a one-day-a-week contract at a local school. Excited to embark on her career, she eagerly took on the role, ready to inspire young minds. But as weeks went by, Lena found herself being asked to cover more classes, extending her time at the school without any adjustments to her pay.

Government Backs Down on Controversial Education Bill

Victory for Teachers & Education Staff in Queensland

After an incredible amount of public backlash,...

QTU and Labor Government exposed in fallout from nefarious education bill

16th April 2024 - Media Release

The Queensland Teachers Union (QTU) and Labor State Government have...

Case Win: Supporting Teachers Against Workplace Bullying

Empowering Educators to Confront Workplace Bullying with Confidence

In the realm of education,...

Case Win: Navigating Maternity Leave Entitlements

How TPAA Helped Secure Fairness and Clarity in Employment Benefits

Education is one industry where...

Why the TPAA is the Best Union for Teachers and Educators

What makes the TPAA the best union for teachers and educators across Australia?

From comprehensive...

Behind the Membership Fees: TPAA vs. AEU/IEU

AEU & IEU Full Time membership costs an average of $882, whereas TPAA membership is notably lower...

MEDIA RELEASE: Radical Union Climate Activists Must Stop Taking Advantage of School Kids

The coordinated effort to pull kids out of the classroom for a political protest is nothing short...

Case Win: Resolving Workplace Injustice

How TPAA Safeguarded a Members’ Professional Reputation in Education

Education is one industry...

Media Release: Insulting Interference is Hurting our Teachers - World Teachers’ Day 2023

Today, as we celebrate and recognise the vital importance of teachers, we must focus on fixing the...