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Case Win: Allegations Against Teachers

Advocacy & Support for Teachers

Teachers are entrusted with shaping young minds and fostering an environment conducive to learning and growth. However, like any professional setting, educational settings are not immune to challenges and conflicts. Allegations within the teaching profession can arise from various sources—students, parents, colleagues, or administrators—each carrying its own implications and complexities.

Case Win: Allegations in the Workplace

Advocacy & Support for Teachers

Allegations concerning interactions between educators and students...

Dealing With Difficult Students

In the best of times, disruptive student behaviours are challenging to effectively act on. And now,...

RUSH Founder Graeme Haycroft on 4CA Cairns

Graeme Haycroft, founder of Red Unions and Local Action Australia, criticized unions' political...

Workplace Support For Teachers

Benefits of TPAA Membership for Teachers

Teachers are the lifeblood of our education system,...

Introductory Letter to the Education Green Paper

To download a copy of the Green Paper please click here.

Our discussion paper (we call it the TPAA...

Case Win: Supporting Teachers Dealing with Difficult Students

Dismissing Allegations & Addressing Workplace Safety Concerns

Teachers often find themselves...

Case Win: Relocation Issues in Teaching

Advocacy & Support for Teachers

Relocating for a job can be a mixed experience. For Angelina, a...

Case Win: Defending Teachers Facing Leave Discrepancies

Resolving leave discrepancies in the workplace

Navigating leave discrepancies as a Teacher can be...

Case Win: Defending Teachers Across Australia

Ways to Resolve Bullying IN EDUCATION

Teaching in today's educational landscape is no easy feat,...