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Let Teachers Teach: Student Behaviour Must Change!

Teachers should be focussed on teaching students, not parenting them. Unruly student behaviour continues to threaten classroom productivity and safety. By signing, you’re helping to fix the dysfunctional education system.

The Time for Change is Now!

Along with the burden of endless bureaucratic paperwork, teachers are telling us that student behaviour is their number one issue. It seems that every week we see reports in the media about increasing violence in our schools. On the ground, teachers are telling us that classroom disruption is the worst it’s ever been. Teachers can’t be expected to parent students, and schools must have the capacity to properly discipline poor behaviour.


To achieve this, the crooked foundations of our education system must change:

  • Return decision-making power back to local schooling communities - granting teachers the autonomy to manage student discipline effectively.

  • Have locally elected boards with equal parent and teacher representation.

  • Allow decisions on matters like student discipline, staffing arrangements, and curriculum to be made by locals that know their school – not distant bureaucrats in a capital city.

By decentralising the education system, parents will have more choice about the most suitable educational environment for their children and teachers will have the freedom to focus on teaching again!

So, if you believe that parents should be the ones raising their children, and teachers should be allowed to focus on educating them, please sign our petition.