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TPAA Case Win #1374 - TPAA Defends Educators Facing Unjust Misconduct Allegations

From Accusation to Acquittal

Teachers are held to high standards of ethical conduct in their work,...

TPAA Case Win #1369 - TPAA Wins Battle for Pay Dispute

Protecting the Interests of Education Professionals During Tough Times

Government departments never...

TPAA Case Win #1362 - Teaching After a Break: Overcoming Eligibility Restrictions with TPAA

How TPAa Helped a Member Clear Their Employment Records and Return to Teaching

Returning to...

TPAA Case Win #1358 - TPAA Fights for Fairness

How TPAA Helped a Visual Arts Teacher Reclaim their Passion

It's upsetting to hear when a teacher...

TPAA Case Win #1350 - TPAA Parachutes Teacher to Safety

Read about how we Negotiated a favourable Separation Package for a member after they were bullied...

TPAA Case Win #1346 - TPAA Secures $16,000 Income Protection Pay-out

Changing careers should be a joyful and exciting time, especially when it’s to start your own...

TPAA Case Win #1340 - From Threat of Termination to Reinstatement

Navigating employment issues can be a daunting task, especially when you're in a foreign country...


A year 8 student is asked to write an assignment on the effects of the black death and opens with: 

TPAA Case Win #1335 - Bullying - Transfer Fast Tracked

All teachers should feel safe and confident in the workplace. Unfortunately, bullying is not...

ChatGPT in schools: What is it and how to detect it

A year 8 student is asked to write an assignment on the effects of the black death and opens with: