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Workplace Support For Teachers

Benefits of TPAA Membership for Teachers

Teachers are the lifeblood of our education system, whether they are just starting out or have years of experience. Teachers bend over backwards to try and meet the complex needs of their students and jump through the hoops required by different education departments daily.

The Teachers Professional Association of Australia (TPAA) recognises the many professional and personal challenges teachers face daily and can provide industrial advice, advocacy, support, and representation as needed.

Do Teachers Need Union Membership?

Teachers need a Professional Association now more than ever. Education Unions have let down teachers, parents, and students by failing to address the real issues. Instead opting to ignore their members. Their agendas have become politically motivated, as opposed to focusing on enhancing the quality of the teaching profession. Given the fact we are constitutionally apolitical, we don’t waste your membership fees on advertising how to vote in elections, referendums or the like. We don’t prosecute fringe social issues at the expense of hard-working teachers who just want support. Our agenda is purely focussed on achieving significant reform to the education system that will enhance the teaching profession.

Having a real voice for teachers in the schooling system struggling under excess bureaucratic paperwork is needed, and this is where the TPAA works for you.

We don’t just wait until Enterprise Bargaining Agreements come around to hear from you, but instead, promote the profession in the media and approach politicians (without bias) to be accountable for improvements within education. 

Professional issues like restoring respect for teachers, providing greater support with curriculum planning and delivery, addressing poor student behaviour and the sources of teacher stress are just the beginning. We promote “LET TEACHERS TEACH!”

While working across different educational settings, teachers can face a myriad of challenges within their workplace such as:

  • Pay & timetabling Issues.
  • Bullying & harassment.
  • Workplace Health and Safety issues.
  • Complaints with the work performance, disciplinary action, contract issues & student protection matters.
  • Well-being/stress related matters.

Being a member of TPAA provides teachers with the assurance that they have access to our experienced case managers for support and assistance, and PI Insurance should you need it.

Consider a scenario where you’re supervising students and an unfortunate incident occurs, resulting in a student complaint against the teacher. In such cases, the teacher may find themselves in a complex and difficult situation requiring workplace support and guidance. This may leave you feeling isolated and vulnerable.

However, with TPAA membership, teachers can rely on the expertise of our experienced case managers who have successfully defended members in similar situations.

Do Teachers Need Insurance?

Professional Indemnity Insurance covers your legal liability for a breach of your professional duty and means legal costs and damages that come out of negligence claims are taken care of. For teachers and training consultants, this type of cover is essential.

The TPAA Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance covers:

  • Civil liability for loss arising from any negligent act, error or omission.
  • Where you are summoned to give evidence before a coronial inquest and you require legal representation.
Can I work anywhere in Australia with TPAA?

With membership to the TPAA, you’re covered by our insurance and services across Australia.

This means there’s no need to join multiple unions if working across states, no need to switch unions when working interstate, and the same low membership fees Australia-wide.

If you are starting at a new workplace or on a short-term/long-term contract, all you need to do is email or call us to notify us of the change. This ensures we have a record on file should there be any issues. 

There is also cover outside of Australia (excludes Canada and the USA). This is often applicable to volunteer postings overseas. Please contact us for confirmation if you are considering such a post.

Can I work in New Zealand with the TPAA?

Yes - In 2023 we crossed the Tasman to bring the New Zealand teachers, nurses, and doctors our support and services, establishing our sister unions TPANZ, NPANZ, & NZMPS.

If you are working in New Zealand, be sure to contact member support to update your membership so we can ensure  you’re covered by the correct insurance policy.

Please note, if you are working as an independent contractor you are not covered under our insurance for work done in that capacity, but you will still have access to our other services.

Joining the TPAA is both cost-effective and easy, giving you assurance of cover and peace of mind.