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Case Win: Supporting Teachers Against Workplace Bullying

Empowering Educators to Confront Workplace Bullying with Confidence

In the realm of education, teachers play a crucial role in shaping young minds and fostering a positive learning environment. However, challenges like workplace bullying can hinder their ability to thrive professionally. Sadly this was the case for Katrina, a teacher from the Queensland branch of the Teachers’ Professional Association of Australia (TPAQ), who reached out to TPAA for assistance when faced with bullying from colleagues.

Katrina's situation began with experiencing bullying from fellow staff members at her school. Recognizing the negative impact on her well-being, she sought help from TPAA. TPAA promptly assigned a case manager to assist Katrina in addressing her concerns.

Working together, Katrina and her case manager developed a plan to address the issue. One key step was arranging a mediation meeting with the deputy principal to discuss the matter.

During the mediation, Katrina was able to express her concerns, leading to constructive dialogue among all parties involved. As a result, the issue was resolved, and Katrina felt empowered to navigate similar challenges in the future.

How is the TPAA so effective in defending members during workplace issues and disputes? Our experienced and professional case managers use our unique RED TM case resolution system.

Why is the TPAA different? We believe that real change in education STARTS with empowering frontline teachers, not bureaucrats. 

If you are a member of TPAA and need assistance with a workplace issue, please submit a member support ticket on your dashboard, or contact us on 1300 252 777 - hotline@tpaa.asn.au 

To find out more about TPAA and become protected today visit: https://tpaa.redunion.com.au/join