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MEDIA RELEASE: Radical Union Climate Activists Must Stop Taking Advantage of School Kids

The coordinated effort to pull kids out of the classroom for a political protest is nothing short of disgraceful, and those who have instigated this must face consequences.

National Coordinator of the Teachers’ Professional Association Scott Stanford has condemned the concerted attempt by union activists to take kids all across Australia out of school.

“The unions in support of the strike, which is clearly targeted at impressionable school students, are seeking to exploit children for their own ideological gain.”

“The QTU, AEU, and NSWTF have all expressed their approval for students to skip school and strike, further degrading the quality of their education.”

“This active and destructive effort to force an ideological view onto students is disgraceful, as is the mindset of the ALP-aligned unions that simply don’t care about quality education for students.”

“Although this blatant politicking isn’t anything new from the QTU, AEU and NSWTF, they should be explicitly condemned for capitalising on young people’s emotions for their own political gain.”

Ahead of today’s ‘strikes,’ there were media reports regarding a ‘Climate Doctor’s Certificate’ that has been made available online. Mr Stanford has called out this political stunt.

“These fake doctor’s certificates from radical professors are a pathetic, desperate attempt to add credibility to a terrible idea.”

“In reality, they show just how far these radical activists and unionists are willing to go.”

“Instead of addressing the teacher shortage crisis, they’re pulling students out of school.”

“Our position is really simple – school students should be at school on school days!”



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