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SOLD OUT - Register for recorded version


Please note that the live version of the webinar is now sold out. Register now to get access to the recorded version. PD hours are still available for those who view the recorded version.  

Register here to get access to our recorded webinar after Tuesday 22nd November 5:30PM - 7PM Brisbane time 

Dealing with difficult people - Live interactive webinar 


SOLD OUT - Register for recorded version


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Have you ever felt fearful or anxious about dealing with an aggressive or challenging supervisor, colleague, parent or student?

It's no secret that the teaching profession comes with a lot of confrontation from difficult people whether it be parents, students, colleagues or leaders. Learning how to deal with these difficult people at work and uncomfortable situations is an essential skill to have and can boost work satisfaction immensely as these difficult people add to what is already a very stressful job. 


The TPAA is hosting a live webinar (SOLD OUT) which will be very informative providing strategies and techniques to deal with these people. It will also be interactive and allow teachers to ask any questions they may have.

Join Tracy Tully - an award-winning international speaker and TPAQ's secretary - to talk about the following difficult people you may have to deal with in your job: 

- Difficult colleagues 

- Difficult kids

- Difficult parents

- Difficult leaders 


Tracy will be talking about her buckle up fear - 3 steps to work out how you can position yourself with influence and authority with these difficult people. 


Tracy Tully 

TPAQ Secretary 


Tracy’s education career spanned 38 years holding Primary and High School Principal positions across Queensland from the far North to the south. During this time, Tracy yearned for a modern teachers’ union without the industrial age attitudes, that catered for employees versus employees without bias or politics.

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How will we benefit you:

Support whenever you need it: TPAA provides professional indemnity insurance, along with personalised advice and legal assistance, to quickly resolve any workplace issues. You can have peace of mind, all the time. 

We are constantly working on improving work conditions: TPAA helps and advises working teachers to openly negotiate enterprise agreements, with a focus on practical outcomes in each workplace.

A choice in representation: Only teachers – not the government – should choose who represents and protects them. This means all TPAA teachers – not union officials – have a real say in the running of the education system. It's time to challenge the status quo. 

We put teachers' interests first: Focusing on students and learning – not on paperwork. By reducing administration, we aim to let teachers β€˜teach again’. Any savings should be passed on as pay rises to teachers not funding administration/HR.

Price: We are approximately 50% cheaper than alternative unions with better service and the same protection. 

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